MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier Review

MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier Review

MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier ReviewThis is a car amplifier that you wouldn’t want to let go, trust me. It delivers up to 1000W RMS at 1 ohm and it’s absolutely reliable.

It has a bass booster and absolutely mountable anywhere in the car. It even comes with a bass knob for convenient adjustments.

As a matter of fact, this is a unit that has a petite size and you can install solely even with your basic knowledge. Either you wire it serially or in a parallel dimension, it would still deliver high power to your circuit.

Of course, it uses a car battery for power source but it wouldn’t drain your battery. It comes with 4 connections but you can use 2 for your subwoofers.

And guess what? It’s bridgeable and highly functional for long-term use. It’s one that’s stable with 2-ohm. And, among those that the manufacturer manufactured, this is simply the best right now because it doesn’t become over-heated like some others.

In addition, the manufacturer offers the ultimate support that anyone needs so as to get the best use of the product.

For apt comprehension, let’s consider the 5 amazing features of this product that’s we’ve compounded.

MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier Review | 5 Major Features

1. Variable LPF                                                                           

What this implies is that it has a variable low pass filter. In other words, this won’t constitute nuisance whatsoever.

Not only that, it also features a low pass filter of audio frequencies. It’s such a unit that is great for subwoofers, trust me.

This features bass sound boosts also. With this, you can adjust the bass boost by 0, 6, and 12 decibels

. However, the most essential precaution is to at first check the output on the head unit and afterwards insert the subwoofers, why?

Because the RMS matters. It’s sensitive to audio signals and it ensures that no noise. The unit delivers 1000W RMS at 1-ohm. It does this regardless of the way it’s being installed.

2. Small Foot Print Design

This has a petite size and has linear foot lines on it. The dimension of this product is 15.13 x 7.5 x 4 inches and it weighs 5.15 pounds.

There are 4 channels at the rear where subwoofer inputs can be inserted. Of course, you can install it with a piece of basic knowledge. Also, it has loops at the edges where you can drive in the screws.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t emit too much heat. Another importance of the design is that you wouldn’t encounter vibration with the use of this unit.

It’s just one that’s about 2 inches thick and absolutely usable. It has a class-D topology and it is mountable at the surface.

3. Performance

This is exquisite for audio systems to utilize in automobiles. The max wattage it delivers is 1000W RMS and you can level gain this even at 1-ohm, 2-ohm, 4-ohm.

And guess what? Speakers work lucidly with this unit, especially whenever a max of 4-gauge AWG wire is connected to the power and 9AWG to the subwoofer.

In addition, you can tune this (the bass sound adjust) unit to your utmost desire. What would even intrigue you about this is that provided you’re a novice about operating it, the manufacturer provided ultimate assistance for its use.

In addition, the subsonic pass filter that it features aids in the reproduction of crisp sounds. It’s just one that anyone would comfortably use.

Please note that the inappropriate setup of RMS can cause intermittent alterations in the reproduction of sounds.

4. Setup

This is a product that’s bridgeable, especially at 2-ohm. It uses car batteries/alternator for its power source.

It’s so reliable in its performance and capacitor can comfortably be used for it if the power “floweriness” is fluctuating.

However, what one would have to do is to wire from the battery to the unit itself before proceeding with the insertion of the subwoofers to any of the four channels.

The setup is absolutely easy with the measures that the manufacturer has put into place.

5. Usability

Although this has 4 connections, yet it’s advised that 2 should be opted for. Apart from that, this is one that doesn’t get bogged down at any time it’s in use. Neither would this become over-heated nor constitute nuisances.

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Why Should You Use MTX Audio THUNDER1000.1 Thunder Series Car Amplifier?

1. Petite

This is a product that you can mount anywhere in your automobile due to the fact that it’s petite. The shape and dimension of the unit are just superb for one’s use.

2. Functional

This filters the audio signal to the appropriate measure. It works like any standard product that you can find in the marketplace.

3. No Over-heating

The material used in the construction of the unit is eccentric. You don’t have to adhere to so many precautions before you mount it. It’s so flexible to make use of.

4. Dependability

This won’t vibrate once it’s installed. The manufacturer even provided some helpful kits so as to aid users in having the best use of it.

5. Affordability

In spite of its awesomeness, this is one that’s not pricey and comes with knobs so as to adjust the bass. In fact, you don’t have to purchase an extra once you’ve purchased this.

Product Benefits
  • This has 4 connections at the rear.
  • This unit features a subsonic filter pass and a variable low-pass filter.
  • This unit uses ‘car’ batteries/alternator with the use of this unit.
  • This has a class-D topology design on it.
  • The installation of this product is absolutely easy.
  • This is an affordable product that’s functional.
  • It comes with all the accessories that are needed to have the immediate use of it.
  • It’s bridgeable.
The Negative Things
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this unit flexible to make use of?

Answer: Yes! You can use it with subwoofers and speakers made by different brands.

  1. Does this have a bass knob?

Answer: Yes, it does.

  1. What does DVC mean?

Answer: It means the Dual Voice Coil. They are used mostly as a substitute to subwoofers.

  1. Could this work with my 12000W terminator and 12” subwoofer?

Answer: Absolutely, it could

  1. Is it bridgeable?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

This MTX audio amplifier is the ultimate right now in the marketplace. Just as you’ve read, the writer has explained explicitly what makes it unique and what buyers should look out for while opting for this product

Nonetheless, we enjoin you to opt for this if you can afford the payments. It’s just one that you would enjoy using.


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