Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier Review

Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier Review

Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier ReviewKenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier is basically a simple high functioning unit that helps in amplifying the music in your vehicle. It helps the sound system of the vehicle produce a correct balanced audio and offers all regular equalizing features.

This amplifier offers 600 watts of continuous power using 40 ohms. The unit is small in size but produces tremendous sound output. It is extremely versatile with Bluetooth connection whereby you can play music using any device.

Considering it’s small and compact size, it can work well for individuals who do not want to sacrifice the cargo room in their vehicles. This might be the best amplifier if the space in your car is limited.

This highly rated four channel amplifier has the body that is covered with waterproof materials. Available in black, the unit is lightweight and only weighs 1 pound.

It is ideal for high-resolution audio playback. This is achieved through frequency response feature which can extend up to 50kHz.

Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Class D design

Kenwood is well known for efficiency. They have designed this amplifier with class D design. This design basically uses digital switching power supplies to perform. This is normally done to ensure that the amplifier runs more efficiently and effectively.

When it performs with this design, it generates less heat compared to class AB amplifiers. The design also enables this unit to built on small chassis. It is well protected making it safe from electrical glitch and any other short circuit problem.

Impressively designed such that vibrations and general protection of the unit is well controlled. Signal distortion is also minimized. This design makes it ideal for vehicles with limited space.

Looking at this unit, the design will definitely tell you it might be a wonderful unit for your car. Equipped with all mentioned features together with heavy duty set-server terminals. You will also find Nicket plated contacts and a chrome plated connections.

2. 600 Watts power

When it comes to power, this is actually more important than the design of the product. Kenwood excel in producing a maximum of 600 watts which is distributed equally across all the four different channels.

This performance is pretty standard and one of the most reliable one. It comes with all the necessary essentials which you may need when installing the unit. It takes up less amount of power but gives high-quality sound.

3. 50 kHz frequency range

Kenwood car amplifier is built to respond to a frequency range of up to 50 kHz. This is pretty good more especially for such a small and affordable unit.

The amp provides a ground sound with a full range of controls to enable it to perform well within this range. At this range, this amplifier can run all speakers smoothly without any distortion.

With compact size as we have seen, it produces plenty of power that kicks out enough volume without distortion within 50 kHz frequency range. Overall the sound produced by this amplifier is absolutely clean and crisp.

4. Signal sensing

Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier offers many features. Among this advanced features is the signal sensing. The unit has a signal-sensing turn on circuit. This is one of the best feature that improves the functioning of the amplifier.

This feature normally functions the moment the signal is detected on all inputs to the amplifier. The moment all of them are inserted and detected, the unit will automatically power on.

The amplifier will also shut off when no input or signal is detected. The user will therefore install the amplifier easily without the remote turn-on lead.

5. The controls

All the controls of this unit ensure that the unit performs perfectly as it was intended. This technology ensures that this small amplifier runs cool and reliable.

The input sensitivity function allows you match your amplifier to preamp output level of source unit.

It has the rotary control which allows you adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier.

The three way switches enable you configure the channel to high pass, low or full range. Also it’s equipped with the rotary functions that helps in adjusting the frequency of the crossover.

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Why should you use Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier?

1. Simple installation and tuning

Kenwood excelon comes with the speaker level inputs to enable automatic turning on. Installing turn on into your vehicle is very simple. This is because it is compact hence making it easier to adjust and fix the audio.

The high or low power pass filters helps in adjusting the audio to correctly match your preferences.

2. Achieve a better balance between audio quality and power

Considering the features of this amplifier, we might say that it is designed to produce a great balance between the quality of audio produced and its power. It is equipped with the switchable input sensitivity to enable the user control the signals received from the receiver.

The user will be able to customize the audio to produce sound that suits his/her desired listening needs.

3. Massive power output

If you have been wondering where to find a car amplifier that produces a massive power out, then you could consider this unit. It might work impressively with other big subs to produce an excellent kind of bass with quality.

Ability to run the four full-range speakers and a subwoofer that has a 500 watts RMS

4. Highly Versatile

As we have seen, this amp can be used with the four channel system. With this amp, it is also possible to use other active speakers for greater mid-bass output. Also for lower pass sub for deep bass.

5. Weather-resistant music production

Kenwood has greatly grown in popularity because of its resistant on any weather conditions. You can play music anywhere with this amplifier without any interferences. This unit is more suitable in marine applications and sports.

It has ability of protecting the inner circuits from dirt, moisture, and water. You can continue with the show using the device regardless of the conditions of weather.

Product Benefits
  • An affordable amplifier
  • Can amplify to reasonable extent
  • Compact and small size
  • Surface mount design
  • Easy to install
  • 600 watts power output
  • The signal sensing feature
  • Highly reliable
  • Well fused to protect it from any damage
  • Offers excellent sound
  • Easy gain adjustment
The Negative Things
  • Generally, it gets heated up quickly
  • Not very powerful
  • You cannot replace the fuse

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big should the fuse of this amplifier be?

It should match or slightly go above the fuse rating of the unit itself

  1. Can you hook up many amplifiers to this?


  1. How much power is needed for optimum performance?


  1. What is the frequency range of this amplifier?

It is 50 kHz

  1. Can this unit run a 12-inch sub?


Final Verdict

Finally we can conclude that Kenwood Excelon X301-4 4-Channel Car Amplifier produces great sound and offers a full range of functions and controls that will help you choose your preferred audio quality.

This compact size unit incorporates the latest technology in delivering the highest sound performance.

From high tech audio tuning capabilities, equalizer systems crossover and high voltage, the unit represents very high quality. This are some of the reasons as to why you should consider the amplifier.


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