Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier Review

Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier Review

Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier ReviewThis Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier is an amplifier that’s easy to install. The resume on this amplifier is 1350W and absolutely reliable to use with the sound system.

Furthermore, this doesn’t come with a connector so it doesn’t use a knob. However, it comes with a birth sheet and functional component that are capable to amplify the sound production.

This digital amplifier, however, is of high wattage. It’s one that uses 1200W for driving subwoofers to a superb altitude.

The design of this unit is awesome and it’s standard for decorating any kind of car. Although it has a small size, yet it’s very functional. The sound that this reproduces is apt and crisp.

As a matter of fact, the bass sound it reproduces is awesome. Although it gets heat up mostly after a long-term of use, yet it’s one that you’d definitely enjoy its use at any point in time.

Buyers even attested to the fact that users can meter sounds at 146 decibels. It doesn’t need to be powered, all that’s needed is to ensure that it’s properly assembled.

In addition, it has a subsonic filter that aids in the clear resonance of sound and frequency. The impedance, on the other hand, is just so exhilarating and it’s a great compliment to this function.

Nonetheless, check out the 5 amazing features of this product.

Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier Review | 5 Major Features

1. RMS

This is the maximum energy that a digital amplifier can continuously handle or use without distorting neither the audio signal nor frequency.

Of course, this affects the wattage proportionally. However, with the 1200W that this possesses, you can utilize the amplifier for reproducing quality sounds.

You can wire an 8 gauge cable into your woofer and this would enhance the quality and the intensity of the sound, how?

Because the impedance that this has are 4 ohms and 2 ohms. They are best in nullifying all forms of over-heating and dissipations while the unit is functioning.

In a nutshell, all that matters is the apt installation of the amplifier to the woofer.

2. Unique Functionalities

You’d need to connect the unit in parallel so as to attain the power, 1200W RMS at 2 ohms. Furthermore, it doesn’t come with a capacitor and there is no need to purchase one either. That’s because it comes with all that’s needed.

Also, the unit filter subsonic absolutely well. It does clear noise exquisitely and reproduces crisp sound.

The pitch of the sound is lucid and great. The subsonic for this unit, however, is 15Hz, 30Hz, and off.

And guess what? It functions exquisitely. You can even adjust the subsonic frequency settings just as anyone can do to other products technically.

The intriguing part is that you can use it just as you use the conventional ones provided you’ve used one of such before.

3. Design

The unit is in a rectangular shape and has a petite shape. This has a dimension of 4 x 12 x 10 inches and it weighs 6.5 pounds.

It doesn’t come with connectors so it’s one that doesn’t have a knob on it. As a matter of fact, it has a black color and it’s highly functional.

It has a plastic part and whenever you’re installing it, the part to pry with a screwdriver is the plastic section of the design.  However, the intriguing part is that the ring plastic part is removable.

Nonetheless, there are power terminals and speaker polarities on this unit. It’s so small that you can fix it under your car seat.

4. Circuitry Protection

It’s no doubt that heat is capable to disrupt the transmission of an audio signal including the energy. However, this is a product that meets the CEA-2006 regulations.

As a matter of fact, it’s made of 6-Layer glass Epoxy PC board so as to avoid over-heating in any form. The material used in the protection circuit is reliable for long-term use.

5. Reliability

This is one that’s made of high-quality material for its protection and very easy to install. Not only that, it comes with a birth sheet and most regulatory bodies have attested to its authenticity.

Nonetheless, the birth sheet for this is 1350. It’s absolutely dependable in getting the best type of sound that one craves for. Notwithstanding, it’s non-functional at 1-ohm.

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Alpine PDXM12 1200W Mono RMS Digital Amplifier Review?

1. Protection

This is a product that is shielded with epoxy and no amount of heat internally or externally would cause it to damage. As a matter of fact, it’s just one that you can use comfortably in any area in your car.

2. CEA-2006 Compliant

This is a product that has been tested and trusted by regulatory bodies. It has met all the demands and prerequisite so you can be pretty sure that this is one you would use with ease.

3. Durable

The class-D structure that this has makes the need for high power unnecessary. Its fuse won’t get burnt easily and you can trust its use for a very long time.

4. Affordable

This product is not just affordable but it’s made of quality. It’s one that you can use with ease and all conveniences.

5. Easy to Use

The manufacturer provides some helpful kits. With the kits, one can install the unit by oneself even as a first timer.

Product Benefits
  • This product comes with a birth sheet.
  • It’s CEA-2006 compliant.
  • It’s affordable and highly functional.
  • It has a class-D design.
  • It’s compact and highly reliable to use.
  • This is a product that’s backed with a warranty.
  • It doesn’t become over-heat easily.
  • The total RMS power for this is 1200W.
The Negative Things
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to get a capacitor for this?

Answer: No, you don’t. It comes completely.

  1. Does this come with connectors?

Answer: No, it neither has connectors nor has a knob on it.

  1. Can it deliver the 1200W?

Answer: Yes, it can.

  1. What gauge is recommended for its ground and power?

Answer: You can use 4-gauge.

  1. What’s the warranty for this unit?

Answer: Please, contact the seller for enquiries.

Final Verdict

The Alpine’s digital amplifier is absolutely one that you can depend on its longevity. It’s petite and it’s a functional unit that would definitely meet the wants of anyone when it comes to sound reproduction. Therefore, we hereby enjoin our amiable reader to be on the safer side by opting for this product.


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